SlateStone Wealth acts as your comprehensive problem-solver to take the worry out of planning for your future.

We are here to help turn your objectives into reality
by providing solutions that help clarify, organize, and simplify your entire financial life.

By minimizing uncertainties and maximizing clarity,
you’re free to pursue what matters most to you and your family.

Our Services are built upon

— a STRONG FOUNDATION of understanding

— your PERSONAL objectives

— and defined by beneficial GUIDANCE and ADVICE

— through RESPONSIVE client focus and service as the…

Advocates for your financial future.

Creative Wealth Management & Legacy Planning

At SlateStone Wealth, we can offer ideas on how to use your resources to potentially benefit your loved ones. We can show you how to:

— Design Trusts to help you care for your spouse or provide for your children at important times in their lives.

— Keep your treasured vacation home in the family for your kids and grandchildren to use for generations

— Structure gifts to your favorite charities using specific gifting strategies

Have you ever considered using a percentage of your life insurance to fund a Trust to help educate your children or grandchildren? Or, did you know that you can roll over old 401ks or IRAs to help fund your children’s retirement when they turn 65?

By using dynamic tools, we can help you create a family legacy that extends far beyond your years. We have innovative financial and legacy planning tools that can visualize potential future outcomes for different kinds of financial scenarios.

Ask us what we think…

Wealth Management & Advisory

A true picture of wealth goes beyond your balance sheet. We simplify the complex details of your finances by creating a personalized roadmap for financial independence so you can live the life you envision.

Our innovative and objective approach results in an integrated wealth and investment management strategy designed to preserve and grow your wealth over time. You can be confident that your plan will be updated and adjusted regularly as your circumstances change.

  • Integrated advice and financial planning
  • Custom investment management and portfolio construction
  • Retirement planning
  • Creative legacy planning and wealth transfer
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance consulting
  • Business succession planning

Strategic Portfolio Services

Focused Diversification Options…

SlateStone Wealth also offers one-step diversification through our Strategic Portfolio strategies. These are mutual fund and ETF based asset allocation strategies with specific objectives across the risk/reward spectrum and can be used individually or combined within a client’s portfolio:

  • Income with Capital Preservation
  • Income with Moderate Growth
  • Growth with Income
  • Growth
  • Aggressive Growth

Maintaining the appropriate blend of asset classes in each portfolio is important to optimizing performance and reducing risk as we seek to capitalize on changing global market opportunities.

Custom Investment Management

Many of SlateStone’s clients have complex needs or situations which require creative solutions to address special tax considerations, concentrated or low-basis stock positions, inheritance issues, or closely held businesses.

Our wealth planning professionals will determine an appropriate plan of action to meet those unique circumstances.

A customized management approach allows for a broad range of strategies to be applied to achieve your goals. These include diversified portfolio construction strategies typically using individual equity and fixed income securities, options strategies and, where suitable, access to alternative investments in hedge funds, private equity, and real estate.