At SlateStone Wealth, we build enduring partnerships
by helping you use your wealth creatively
to empower your legacy.

Building long lasting legacies requires creativity. It means looking at old ideas in new ways and turning imagination into action.

In wealth management…

creative thinking is both an art and a science.

When applied to your finances, it can help us solve problems and open doorways to opportunities.

Sometimes it’s hard to put a value on creativity but when you work with us, we put insight into action.

At SlateStone Wealth that’s what we do.




Our purpose is to provide you unbiased, innovative financial solutions tailored to your circumstances.




SlateStone develops personalized wealth management solutions so you have peace of mind to pursue your life interests with confidence.




We believe that to live an accomplished life, you must achieve more than personal success… you also need to become a constructive part of other’s success stories.




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